Policies and Rules

As Gowdy Shores homeowners, we are committed to maintaining the environment and land in our community. We also want to ensure all homeowners, guests, and renters are treated with respect and enjoy their visit. Thus, at the 2017 Annual meeting, some new and/or clarified rules and policies were introduced. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with these important community standards, particularly the 2018 Gowdy Shores rules and renters guidelines.

Other important policies:

Annual Assessment Collection

  • All members pay the same fee as recommended by the board and approved by the  membership.
  • Dues paying members receive flag/sticker for current year granting beach access
  • Members not paying fee do not receive flag/sticker and are denied beach access
  •  Gowdy Shores Homeowners who have never paid:

(i) Will be issued an invoice;

(ii) Will be offered one 30-day amnesty period to pay last year’s  dues plus join and pay current dues;

(iii) If they choose to not accept the amnesty offer, when they sell their house, GSHA will send the title company a bill for all past dues beginning with 2004 (the year GSHA was incorporated

Construction Fee

Owners doing a substantial construction project will be assessed a fee of $1000 for road restoration at the completion of said project. This will be invoiced by the management company. Effective January 1, 2016

Tree Clean-up PolicyEffective April 8, 2017

1.  Attorney findings
Gowdy Shores roads are private not public.  New Buffalo Township rules that apply:
(a) According to the law, trees are owned by the owner of the land in which the tree is rooted;
(b) Trees in the platted road are owned by GSHA;
(c)  If a tree falls, the owner of the tree has responsibility for clean-up and/or possible nuisance violation if it is not cleaned up.
(d) Summary:  The owner of the tree is responsible for the cost of removal and clean-up.
2. Tree Clean up policy:

  • If an Association tree falls either in the roadway or on a neighbor’s property, the Association is responsible for removal and clean-up.
  • If a lot owner’s tree falls across or impedes a Gowdy Shores road, the Association will clean up the tree and bill the owners.
  • The iron stakes marking the lot owner’s property corners will be used to determine the ownership of a tree in question.