The seasons change …

A few months ago, we said good-by to those hot, sunny summer days. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate as a community due the cancellation of our annual picnic due to lack of interest. Was it the timing (Labor Day weekend), the venue (New Buffalo Township Park), or the type of even? Not sure, butĀ  a committee is already organizing to come up with new ideas to get our community together for an end of summer celebration in 2017. If you are interest in serving on this committee or simply have some ideas to share, please send an email to gowdyshoresprez@gmail.com

Fall was glorious in Gowdy Shores – warm days, beautiful fall colors, and an assortment of harvest festivals.

Who knows what this winter will bring? Maybe cross-country skiing or the enjoyment of reading a book by a warm fire. Some of you may want to join in the local celebrations of Harbor Country holiday events.

No matter which season you prefer, I think we all agree, Gowdy Shores is wonderful 365 days a year!

Thanks to all who pay your dues and support our Association. Your dues will continue to work this winter for snow removal and other road maintenance.

Gowdy Shores is located in beautifulĀ Union Pier, Michigan, less than 80 miles from Chicago.